Hello there! I’m John Jerome Romero and I’m a Game Developer, Multimedia Artist and Tailor.

Now that you’re here… do you know what is this blog all about? Well, I should tell you that this blog is for my digital works. It involves anything such as ponies to anything else.

What do I exactly do? You can tell already from my occupation, I’m a Multimedia Artist and Game Developer. I excel in Digital Arts mostly. So you might find this blog quite interesting to find.

Hey. You know what? I’m actually thinking of this post being boring you know? Well maybe it’s probably the fact I’m forced to write a post inside my blog for my school subject. PHEH. 300 WORDS?! TOO EASY!

But hey, let’s talk about Digital Farts Arts. SOOOOoooo…. what about it? Anything you see and find entertaining in the internet is probably digital arts. >.> Radio Plays, Movies, Animations, Images… You know, like those funny pictures you find in your day to day life.

For the longest time I’ve spent in my life, I’ve devoted myself to learn how to make and create digital arts though my true intentions is to use it on Game Development since it covers all fields from programming to digital arts and I admit, I’ve done progress and works beyond works from the ones you see in movies today.

Every time I make something, I make sure the result is professional by normal standards and make sure I make things beyond expectation. So that’s probably people know me in school genuinely because of it.

As the time passed by I would improve each and every time, both in physical skill and mental skill. I make sure the result is not the same and at least showing some improvement.

Time to time I have an idea… I write it down and discuss it among my friends. Sometimes, I just wish I had a team to work with… It’s getting kind of lonely working alone in the digital field and I want people to share the same passion with me on making games. Yeah… sometimes people would see me for my skill too.

Digital Arts is all about Photo Editing, Digital Drawings, Music, Videos and Animation. Every single one is also required for Game Development, add programming in and human interaction and you get yourself a game.

To be honest with you, it’s REALLY REALLY easy to learn all of these by yourself and it’s a great subject to take in college.

I pretty much ran out of words so yeah. I think this is MORE than enough than the required 300 words. HA! BEAT THAT!

But anyways, I’m no writer… well, kinda but hey, I had fun writing this.


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